“Take a second to send love and strength to this woman”: Heartbreaking post about horror M50 crash goes viral

A 30 year old woman died in a horrific crash on the M50 in Dublin yesterday morning, sadly someone recorded photos and videos of this woman dying at the side of the road and shared them throughout the country. This next post from another lady called Lisa Marie hits home:

“I think a lot of people right now need a wake up call. You need to sit down and have a harsh word with yourself if you have watched OR shared those videos and images circulating of that person who lost their life in the tragic crash on the m50 today.

I was in that traffic. I live near the crash site. I also lost my dad in horrific circumstances similar, but what I didn’t have to endure was the devastation of having idiots sharing graphic content of my dad lying lifeless in the middle of the road.

Think about that. Imagine that was YOU or someone you loved……… what is wrong with people!!!!!!

But what I did suffer was the life shattering shock of the phonecall to go the hospital, the dagger of being told what had happened to him, the nightmare of being trapped in a tiny room being told by neurologist and 3 nurses there was nothing more they could do, the crippling numbness of holding his hand as his slipped away, covered in blood and broken beyond any sort of repair.

Tell me that isn’t tough enough to cope with than having to deal with what actually happened to this woman, but also the knowledge that people, all over this country are sharing graphic vile insensitive and degrading images and videos of the person they loved and adored – no dignity, no respect.

Their demise is your sick pleasure.

There is a family tonight wishing the world would end and not knowing how they will cope or survive this. There is a man who was in that truck who will never be the same again. There is many lives that will be impacted by this. There are first responders, nurses doctors undertakers and police who have to cope with what they will deal with on this cold wet winters night.

There are people who will never get over this.
There is a woman, who will be buried in the coming days whose dignity lies in your hands right now. Someone has to be her voice.

Delete the video and pictures.

I’d say delete the person to sent it to you or shared it on social media, too but maybe they just need a reminder that this is beyond a bit of idle gossip, this is basic human consideration.

Instead – Send some strength and hope and love and peace to the family of these people involved in this tonight.

Your home safe and sound with your loved ones and your life will go on.

That woman’s images will be forgotten to you in the morning,

But that family have to deal with that for the rest of their lives!!!

Come on people!!!!! Please, your better than this!!

My heart is in agony right now, I write this through tears and trembling hands – restore my faith in people right now and do the right thing.”

Lisa x

This reaction from a friend tells of the extra heartbreak this has caused:

“The lady killed today in the Finglas/M50 accident was my totally beloved friend of 20 years and also the very bestest of friends to my closest friends for all their lives. She was a simply amazing person, a joyous soul and I can tell you all a REAL ANGEL in life. The lowlife who took those images of her in death and so insensitively shared them to the world has no idea of the added utter HORROR they have inflicted on all those who loved her at this already devastating time. There has to be laws against such inhumanity and cruelty. Please everyone just delete and don’t share these any further. And most of all please pray for her family and loved ones and especially for the most beautiful of souls who has just left this world in such tragic circumstances.”-Declan Mc Gregor

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