Celtic Crip Walking…Would Love To See This In The Pub At The Weekend!

This Video is going viral!  Could Crip Walking to Irish music be the next big thing?


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  1. I love sexy lingerie but sad to say, I’m a busy woman and I need something cobtlrfamoe too! i mean, horses for courses so to speak, and I’m certainly not after a corset that can double as a sports bra, but can anyone who has tried this brand tell me if their stuff is at least comfy enough to wear all day?

  2. Matt – I get the sense that Colborne is pretty soft. How does his game compare to Wheeler? Don’t you think he’ll need a year in the AHL before he is ready to ‘battle’ like he’ll need to in the pros? Can Caron get by with his skating ability – or is his game that limited because of his initial burst? I’m SO excited about Knight. It says here, he’s Peter McNabb in the making.

  3. Je suis content de voir un blog comme celui-ci émerger étant donné que j’ai travaillé à la numérisation et au traitement des images. Je vais pouvoir glaner des nouvelles sur Gallica grâce à ce blog et suivre l’avancement de ce projet.

  4. Oi Fred! Valeu a visita ao Cinema O Rama! Eu concordo com a tua professora. Documentários são importantes pelo seu conteúdo e eles justificam tais descuídos ou erros cometidos, apesar dos erros citados por ti, na maioria da pós-produção…Tá adicionado!

  5. Bianka köszi! Ez nem olyan szaftos, hogy "úszkál" 🙂 Sajnos engem megtömtek oviban szaftos kajával és azóta csak kevés ilyet szeretek… de már haladok 🙂 De igen ez kissé szaftos, szerintem neked is ízlene 🙂 Andi átadom 😀 Örülni fog 🙂

  6. Hope you got home safe and sound Sam!I empathise with the ‘how long can it take to leave the house??’ scenario….Hope you’re back on feet first training soon.All the best, Mary

  7. To fechado contigo Ricardo. Educação, saúde, transparencia, etc… sempre estiveram e estarão na pauta de qualquer plano político (afinal, o que queremos é justamente isso: dinheiro no bolso, saúde, educação e cultura, lazer e segurança). ‘Só′(?) falta realizá-los. E simplicidade, austeridade e criatividade é a chave… mas parece ser tão complicado!!!

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Celtic Crip Walking…Would Love To See This In The Pub At The Weekend!

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